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10 TextMate bundles/plugins to boost your Ruby on Rails development productivity

  • Kevin Faustino

TextMate is a widely used GUI text editor that many in the Ruby on Rails community use. The editor benefits from a large and active community of users whom develop bundles and plugins that extend TextMate’s functionality to work with a wide variety of languages and libraries.

Here are ten of my favourite bundles and plugins available to TextMate that will save you time and effort while working with Ruby on Rails:

1 - PeepOpen: One of the best features of TextMate is fuzzy search(Command-T) which allows you to find files in your project with just a few characters of the filename. The issue with fuzzy search is that it becomes hard to pinpoint a file when there are many files with the same name in your project. Working in Ruby on Rails, you will face an endless amount repeated filenames in your views such as index.html.erb. Geoffrey Grosenbach from PeepCode, has developed an application PeepOpen that replaces the default fuzzy search with a beautiful fuzzy search that also allows you to pinpoint directories within your search. For a mere $9.00, it is a must own add-on to TextMate.


2 - Ruby on Rails: Ruby on Rails development just got better with the recent changes made by Carlos Brando to Dr. Nic’s bundle. Not only does it include all the snippets and Rails integrations we are all used to, but now we also get a pseudo-intellisense for attributes for each ActiveRecord model in your project. One of my favourite additions to the bundle is the ability to easily create RVM .rvmrc files for your project. The best resource for this bundle is PeepCode’s TextMate for Rails 2 screencast, be sure to check it out.

3 - AckMate: If you need to find some text fast, AckMate is your answer. By default, you have the power of regular expressions to pinpoint even the most complex pattern of text. AckMate also allows the filtering of files by specifying file extensions and pattern matching if a filename contains certain text.

4 - JavaScript Tools: JavaScript is ingrained in web development regardless of the server technology being utilized. Using the JavaScript Tools bundle you get all of the following:

  • JavaScript Lint to check all your source code for common JavaScript mistakes
  • A JavaScript beautifier to uniform line breaks and indentation
  • Packing and minimizer tools to compress your JavaScript documents for production

5 - JavaScript jQuery: jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library available today. This bundle by jQuery team member Karl Swedberg and Jonathan Chaffer provides a huge amount of snippets to save you some keystrokes when working with jQuery.

6 - Git: The Git bundle provides access to common Git commands without leaving your editor. Do things like viewing your uncommitted changes, find out who made that bad code change, and commit your changes to the repository.

7 & 8 - rSpec/Cucumber: Outside-in Rails development has never been easier with Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) tools rSpec and Cucumber. These bundles allow for the running of specs and features from within TextMate and provide an HTML output of the results.

9 - Code Beautifier: TextMate does a good job of formatting your code but there is room for improvement. Using the Option-Command-B keyboard combination, the Code Beautifier bundle will clean up any white space and fix indentation in your ruby code. This is one of my most used bundles when I work with TextMate.

10 - Compass + Blueprint: Compass is the amazing Sass framework which cuts down development time by providing mixins and a means for doing unobtrusive CSS. This Compass bundle focuses on snippets for the popular Blueprint CSS framework.

Give these bundles/plugins a try and be sure to let me know of any you think belong on this list.


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